trusted partners

Our Team consists of a network of professionals that are dedicated to providing practical, self-defense training programs to Law-Abiding Citizens. We will continue to grow in accordance with the needs of our clients and we continuously seek new Instructors and Industry Partners to assist in the achievement of our mission. The Instructors and businesses below have met our standards of excellence regarding their knowledge, skills, attitude and business practices. They have also agreed to main the high standards of skill competency requirements, as identified by the Tailored Defense Training Group.

Trusted Partner Since 2020

Justin Brown, Founder

Starting Point Defense

Justin is a military veteran with 10 years of service. While serving in the Navy on active duty status, he took part in his commands shooting team shooting small caliber pistols, and rifles. Upon being honorably discharged from active duty Navy, he quickly joined the Army as Military Police. While involved with his MP unit, he helped provide firearms training as a senior specialist eventually becoming a sergeant. He combines his interpersonal skills, passion for firearms, and knowledge to guide others on their journey to proper firearm knowledge and safety.