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The road to becoming a competent security officer begins here

Security Officers are often the face of the company they are contracted to protect. They are usually the first point of contact for their visiting clients and the first line of defense in case of emergency. Businesses require Security Officers that not only understand security basics but also posses the ability to make decisions and demonstrate the courage to act. Our training courses are designed around these fundamental concepts and our goal is for graduates to leave our courses ready to perform on their first day on the job.

The Basic Security Officer Course


This 8-hour course delivers the basic competencies required to perform as an Unarmed Security Officer. It has been our experience that most Security Officers report to duty with minimal training and/or experience, often leading to low confidence and indecision. This program establishes the foundation for unarmed Security Officers is offered to both individuals seeking licensing as well as licensed Security Companies wishing to certify their staff.

The Advanced Security Officer Course

Maryland: $275.00

This 16-hour course serves as a continuation of the information presented in the Basic Security Officer Course and includes the legal wear and use of a firearm while performing security duties in accordance with Maryland or Tennessee law. Graduates of this course will be certified to apply for licensing through the Maryland State Police and the Tennessee Department of Commerce, Private Protective Services Division. This course offers instruction in the use of a .32, .38, .357, 9mm, .40, .45, 10mm and 12 gauge shotgun. 

District of Columbia Special Police Officer Course - Armed (40-Hours)


The DC Special Police Officer Course is required by the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department to meet employment/assignment eligibility requirements of DC Municipal Regulations Title 6A, Chapter 11 and Title 17 Chapters 20 and 21 and serves as a pre-requisite for issue of a Special Police License. The course is 40-hours in length and will provide the basic knowledge and skills required for applicants to perform Special Police duties on private property within the District. Applicants must successfully complete the entire course, including classroom and live-fire range training, in addition to achieving a minimum score of 38 out of 50 using a .38 caliber revolver and 43 out of 52 using a 9mm semi-automatic handgun live-fire qualification.

Security Officer Survival Training Level I (Unarmed)


When physical confrontations cannot be avoided and an unarmed, less-lethal option is unavoidable, Security Officers must be prepared to defend themselves as well as the individuals they are contracted to protect. This 20-hour program provides the knowledge, skills and mindset required to avoid/de-escalate an encounter, as well as temporarily neutralize an active threat in order to ensure safety and gain control of the situation.

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