The NRA Instructor Basic Pistol Shooting Course teaches individuals the knowledge, skills and attitude required to own and use a firearm safely. This program includes the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course, NRA Basic Instructor Training and the NRA Instructor, Basic Pistol Shooting Course. Upon graduation, candidates will be able to teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course in person as well as in its new blended format. Note: This is not a basic course. Candidates are expected to possess a working knowledge of safe firearm handling and be able to pass written exams with a minimum score of 90% as well as pass a practical examination which includes safe firearm handling skills. There will be a firearms qualification requiring 16 out of 20 shots, no larger than 6 inches on a 9 inch target, placed at 15 yards. 

NRA Instructor: Basic Pistol Shooting Course

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