On October 2, 2020, our team delivers an in-depth experience which will prepare you to survive a violent encounter. You will develop a combat mindset, learn how to operate and manipulate your rifle, pistol and/or shotgun under extreme conditions and demonstrate the tactical skills of trauma management. This is a LiteFighter365 Environment. NO TACTICAL VEST/GEAR ALLOWED. Investment includes an individual medical kit. WARNING: You will get dirty.

Gear and Ammo requirements are as follows:

NOTE: You can utilize a pistol, rifle or bring/utilize both.

Pistol w/holster/2 magazines (any kind/EDC preferred)
Rifle w/sling/2 Magazines (AR Pistols ok)
Method to secure extra magazines (no battle belts or plate carriers
Minimum of 150 cartridges of factory produced ammo per firearm (no reloads)
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection 
Ball style cap
Gun cleaning kit
Hydration Kit
Weather appropriate clothing
Extra set of clothing (will get dirty/maybe ripped)

Optional Gear
Knee and Elbow pads
Bugout bag (small)

LiteFighter365 - Shoot - Move - Tac Med

SKU: TDTG-LF365-Atlanta
    Baltimore, MD
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