Join us for one intense weekend of Firearms, Medical and Survival Training brought to you by the Tailored Defense Training Group. Challenge your limits. Aquil Bey, a retired Master Sergeant and U.S. Army Green Beret delivers an intense weekend of critical survival skills. Your experience includes LiteFighter365 Firearms Application Techniques (pistol/rifle/shotgun); Point of Injury Trauma Managment using evidence-based procedures and national protocols; Survival First Aid; as well as basic survival skills (procurement of food, water, shelter, fire building and more). This class will be 72 continuous hours of intense training. Students should be prepared to walk several miles, operate with limited food and sleep, and be able to navigate difficult terrain. NOTE: This is not a beginners firearms class, students should have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of firearm safety and handling.

LiteFighter365 - Survival

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Baltimore, MD
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