The Official LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Targets are now available for purchase by the general public and are an ABSOLUTE MUST for any LiteFighter in training! These official targets have been specifically designed to improve shooter accuracy and are the same exact models used in every virtual instructor led and in-person LiteFighter365 course. They are also becoming the favorite and sought after targets amongst Firearm Instructor Groups! These LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Targets are reduced-scaled and provide a realistic approach to improving shooter accuracy. They are equipped with several impact zones, providing greater flexibility in your training regimens. Shooters can practice Target Identification, Multiple Target Indexing, Slow-Aimed, Rapid Aimed Fire, Timed Drills and so much more. LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Targets are made from a heavyweight material and are built to last your toughest days on the range. It's size provides a grab and go capacity and you can easily roll them up into your range bag.  Each pack comes with one (1) LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Course of Fire to get you started, five (5) LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Targets and (2) LiteFighter365 Dry-Fire Targets for practing your skills and drills at home and a bonus Swag Pack. Grab a Shooter's Pack or two and head out to the range today! Investment includes shipping.

LiteFighter365 S.A.T. Shooter's Pack

  • For safety reasons, there are no returns on this product and/or its contents.

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