Monthly shooting challenge powered by the Tailored Defense Training Group. Want to spot check your firearms proficiency? Take the LiteFighter365-Challenge and see how you fare. How it works: Subscribers to the challenge receive an official LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Target and are provided the challenge for the month. Courses of fire are completed at the range of your choice and the results are emailed to our Team for assessment and evaluation. Results/performance assessments are individually emailed to participants and posted to our social media outlets. (This is an individual assessed event and while you can see how you fare amongst others, you can also compare/compete against your your previous performance). Participation in the LiteFighter365 Training Program is optional and not required to participate in the challenge. What you’ll need: Eye and hearing protection, reliable firearm and magazines or speed loaders (if applicable), 50 cartridges of ammunition and access to a shooting range. What you get: An official LiteFighter365 Shooting Assessment Target, feedback/scoring of your target, and placement on our training platforms. Ready to begin? Register today!

LiteFighter365 - Challenge

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