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Our Team consists of a network of professionals that are dedicated to providing practical, self-defense training programs to Law-Abiding Citizens. Our Team continues to grow in accordance with the needs of our clients and we continuously seek new Instructors to assist in the achievement of our mission.

Aquil Bey, Founder


Aquil is a retired Master Sergeant and US Army Green Beret with over 22 years of service. Upon retirement, he was recruited as the Director of Global Security and Safety for Under Armour, Inc., developing and implementing a global emergency action and communications strategy for over 15,000 employees. He continues to advise, train and assist individuals, churches and businesses in the development of crisis management and emergency action planning. Aquil is a Department of Defense trained Anti-Terrorism Officer and Nationally Registered Paramedic. He also maintains both civilian and law-enforcement crime prevention, less-lethal device, firearms instructor-trainer and emergency medical instructor certifications. He leverages his leadership, experience and skill sets obtained within the US Special Operations Community and corporate environments to channel his passion to guide the company's service to others.

Brittany Seldon, Business Development


Brittany Seldon joined our Team in October 2017 and assists in our business development strategy within the State of Maryland. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and is an advocate for the welfare and safety of both women and children. When not working directly with our company's programs, you can find her in the water, teaching children's swim classes or even training for her own triathlon. Brittany is the graduate of several courses including the Self-Defense Workshop and the Handgun Safety Course.

Tammy Kovaluk - Director, Functional Fitness Programs


Tammy joined our team in November 2018 and directs our Functional Fitness Programs. Ms. Kovaluk holds a MS in Kinesiology and is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with over 20 years of experience, working with a wide range of abilities, specializing in transference training for sport performance, including tactical athletes and obstacle racers. Tammy has trained as a competitive amateur boxer, triathlete (competing in the IM World Championships, Kona) and elite Spartan obstacle racer (10th elite female, 2nd masters in the 2016 World’s Spartan Ultra Beast, Lake Tahoe). She enjoys military-style training, obstacle races, and ultra-trail races. Tammy has helped tactical athletes achieve high standards for military and police special forces, as well as people from all walks of life reach their best. Tammy is also the founder and owner of Rise Challenge Events in Bend, OR.

Nicole Johnson, Manager, Training


​Nicole joined our Team in November 2017 and has been recruited as our Training Manager in charge of developing our emergency medical training programs. She is a licensed Paramedic and has served several years as an integral team lead on the Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT). Nicole also served in our Nations Armed Forces as a US Army Combat Medic. She consistently  demonstrates the passion, leadership and experience required to achieve our company objectives.

Alex Gunnerson, Adjunct Instructor, Tactical/High Threat Medical Programs


Alex joined our team in October 2018 and has been involved in the Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the National Capital Region for over nine years. He currently works as a Firefighter/Paramedic for a metropolitan fire department in the Washington, District of Columbia area, where he serves as a clinical skills instructor and field preceptor in the Paramedic training program. He has extensive experience in practicing and teaching the management of traumatic injuries, as well as designing training programs for active assailant incidents. Alex holds international certifications as a Flight/Critical Care Paramedic and Tactical Paramedic and serves as an adjunct instructor for our Tactical/High Threat Medical Instructor for our tactical medicine courses.

Garrett Greer, Adjunct Instructor, Firearms Programs


​Garrett was born and raised in Ocklawaha, FL, where he enlisted in the Marine Corps at the young age of 19. He served eight years as a Force Reconnaissance Marine, training allied military forces in effectively combatting terrorism and drug trafficking. He brings his firearms and tactical experience to further the objectives of the company in delivering this information to Law-Abiding Citizens.

David Oswell, Adjunct Instructor, Firearms & Security Programs


David joined our Team in December 2017 served as a Marine Scout Sniper in the 3rd Battalion, 24th Marines. He has attended several specialized schools and has served honorably prior to retiring in 2009. He currently works as a Federal Protection Officer and trains other Officers in the use of firearms and less-lethal devices. David contributes to our tactical medical, firearms and security courses. 

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