Our Story

Tailored Defense Training Group Wear and Carry Course
Mission: Personalized Approach

The Tailored Defense Training Group was founded for one reason: To mitigate the effects of violent crimes through the delivery of awareness and self-defense training programs tailored to the Law-Abiding Citizen.

Tailored Defense Training Group Self-Defense Workshop
Excellence, Professionalism, Passion  

Each of our Teammates and Instructors have been vetted and proven to possess the knowledge, skills and passion required to deliver the sensitive information expected by our law-abiding clients. We truly believe licensing and certification without the passion and drive to deliver the product is counter-productive and misaligned with our mission statement.

Tailored Defense Training Group Emergency Management Seminar
Insured and Guaranteed

Our mission statement is written above and our competency, professionalism and passion to assist Law-Abiding Citizens drive the success we as a Team achieve on a daily basis. All of our training programs are backed by our lifetime attendance guarantee. That means Clients are welcome to attend any previously attended course for life; free of charge*. We offer this because we understand self-defense skills are perishable and understand that your safety and success equates to a safer environment.

*Pre-registration required, minus equipment and administrative fees.

Our Team

Founded, January 31, 2017

Aquil Bey, Founder,

Tailored Defense Training Group

Aquil is a retired Master Sergeant and US Army Green Beret with over 22 years of service. Upon retirement, he was recruited as the Director of Global Security and Safety for Under Armour, Inc., developing and implementing a global emergency action and communications strategy for over 15,000 employees. He continues to advise, train and assist individuals, churches and businesses in the development of crisis management and emergency action planning. Aquil is a Department of Defense trained Anti-Terrorism Officer and Nationally Registered Paramedic. He leverages his leadership, experience and skill sets obtained within the US Special Operations Community and corporate environments to channel his passion to guide the company's service to others.


Aquil Bey

Joined 2020

Telly Jackson, Instructor

Tailored Defense Training Group

Telly Jackson joined the Tailored Defense Training Group as a Firearms Instructor. He is a former US Army veteran and Law Enforcement Officer with a combined 20+ years of military and law enforcement experience. He was both a Military and Federal Police Officer and also served as Pentagon Police Emergency Response Team Tactical member. While working for the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service, Telly was the lead Active Shooter Instructor for government and civilian employees in the Nation Capitol Region. He maintains an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certification. Through experiences and certifications, he has been recruited to instruct civilian and military partners on firearm safety and shooting techniques.


Telly Jackson

Joined 2020

Rachel Rivera, Administration

Tailored Defense Training Group

Rachel joined our team as an administrative assistant. She is responsible for Client Services, scheduling, and everything in between. 


Rachel Rivera