Law Enforcement Officers

blessed are the peacemakers, our nations finest

Law-Enforcement Officers are quite often overworked and undertrained to handle the myriad of situations they encounter on a daily basis. Their shifts can quite honestly consist of 8-10 hours of pure boredom and easily ramp up to 1-3 minutes of sheer terror. Not only are they guided by constitutional laws, they are also held to department policies and standards which guide their every move. These training courses are designed around these fundamental concepts and our goal is to introduce and fine tune current self-defense options available based on department guidelines, policies and constitutional law.

Police Officer Survival Training Level I

When physical confrontations cannot be avoided and an unarmed, less-lethal option is unavoidable, Officers must be prepared to defend themselves as well as the individuals they are sworn to protect. This 20-hour program provides the knowledge, skills and mindset required to avoid/de-escalate an encounter, as well as temporarily neutralize an active threat in order to ensure safety and gain control of the situation in accordance with their department's Use of Force Policy.


American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED

The HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED is a video-based, instructor-supported course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency involving adults, children and infants, until emergency medical services arrive. First Aid skills covered include  recognizing the problem, control, fractures, allergic reactions, environmental emergencies and medical emergencies. CPR topics include choking relief, chest compressions, artificial ventilation and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. Graduates will receive a 2-year certification from the American Heart Association.


Expandable Baton Course

Our baton certification courses are designed to teach Law-Enforcement Officers the proper use of an expandable or rigid baton, if carried on duty. This course is 4-8 hours in duration (basic/advanced) and offer a less-lethal defensive option in the performance of assigned duties in accordance with their department's Use of Force Policy.

Basic Only $75.00 Advanced (Both) $150.00

Chemical Spray Course

This course 5-hour course exceeds the minimum training requirement and provides the Officer with a tactical advantage while performing their assigned duties in accordance with their department's Use of Force Policy. Officers will receive thorough training in the proper use and liabilities associated with its use and will conduct several practical exercises and written examination during this course. A certificate of exposure (if exposed) and a live agent will be issued to each Officer upon successful completion of this course.


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