neighborhood Stability Program

Winning the war on crime by implementing a passive crime-prevention strategy

The following programs are designed to promote awareness and prevention. They are also designed to empower the community to take an active role in crime-prevention.

One Less Victim - Crime Prevention Seminar

It is no secret that the rate and types of violent crimes that are occurring in the Baltimore, Maryland area are alarming and warrant concern. As our local agencies continue to search for sustainable solutions, residents and businesses are left wondering when, not if they will become the next victim of a violent crime. These crimes are being actioned by various demographics and have transcended neighborhoods as well as time of day. It is critical that we understand our vulnerabilities and develop an effective strategy to mitigate our risks. We have developed a unique program to address these concerns, which combines the importance of safety awareness as well as basic physical defense skills for law-abiding citizens residing in the Baltimore area. Our One Less Victim - Crime Prevention Workshop begins with a discussion on the ever-changing criminal tactics used throughout the city in real time, in addition to methods to avoid them. The workshop is delivered in scalable sessions, with likely time constraints in mind. Facilitate the peace of mind you deserve and schedule a workshop for your organization today.

$250.00 Per Organization

American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED

The HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED is a video-based, instructor-supported course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency involving adults, children and infants, until emergency medical services arrive. First Aid skills covered include  recognizing the problem, control, fractures, allergic reactions, environmental emergencies and medical emergencies. CPR topics include choking relief, chest compressions, artificial ventilation and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. Graduates will receive a 2-year certification from the American Heart Association.

$100.00 ($75 First Aid Only)

Stop the Bleed

Our goal is to train 100,000 Baltimore residents! Why? Because the purpose of the Stop the Bleed campaign is to make our nation more resilient by better preparing the public to save lives if people nearby are severely bleeding. This preparation is being done by raising awareness and teaching people how to learn three quick actions to control serious bleeding. 


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