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facilitating the Safety of your most precious assets

We have tailored several programs to meet the safety and security requirements of businesses and organizations. While asset protection is often seen as theft and/or loss prevention, we believe the protection of your most precious asset is reserved to the members of your team. The following programs provide an overview of our methods to provide both personnel safety and physical security in and around your workplace.

One Less Victim - Crime Prevention Workshop

Our One Less Victim - Crime Prevention Workshop is the perfect solution for employers wanting to increase the personal safety and awareness of their employees and staff. Companies appreciate its comprehensive approach to developing this safety strategies of their teams as it includes not only safety in the workplace but realtime criminal tactics which may affect an employees commute to and from work. The seminar can be delivered from 60 - 90 minutes, on-site, as well as presented in a lunch and learn format, further reducing wasted time required for traveling off-site. 

Self-Defense for the Workplace

It is no secret that the rate and types of violent crimes occurring around our cities are alarming and warrant concern. As elected officials search for sustainable solutions, businesses and organizations are left wondering when, not if they will become the next victim. Often times, personal vulnerabilities exist, not just in our work facilities but during an employees commute to work or while conducting business activities in the field. We have developed a unique and comprehensive program to mitigate these risks through the development of an awareness and avoidance strategy, as well as providing the basic physical self-defense skills to defend against a violent attack, should the avoidance strategy fail. This program ranges from 90 minutes to several hours and can be delivered on location, further reducing strain and resource requirements for the organization.

American Heart Association HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED

The HeartSaver First Aid CPR/AED is a video-based, instructor-supported course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency involving adults, children and infants, until emergency medical services arrive. First Aid skills covered include  recognizing the problem, control, fractures, allergic reactions, environmental emergencies and medical emergencies. CPR topics include choking relief, chest compressions, artificial ventilation and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. Graduates will receive a 2-year certification from the American Heart Association.

Hostile Incident Awareness & Tactical Emergency Care

When seconds count, help is usually minutes away. We invite you to attend our Hostile Incident Awareness & Tactical Emergency Care Course presented by EMT-Paramedic Alex Gunnerson. This clinic, designed for the first responder (those at the crisis point before emergency services) discusses past active-violence events and teaches life-saving interventions, tactical considerations, casualty movement and rescue in the workplace. This 5-hour clinic includes the following topics: Operational Considerations; Injury Patterns and Treatments; Evacuation; Equipment Options; Putting it All together and more! We have taken years of security and emergency medical experience and tailored this clinic with the most critical skills required to facilitate the development of a practical, emergency medical management strategy. Participants will leave this workshop with increased situational awareness, an understanding of and confidence in their recognition of traumatic injuries, increased treatment capacity and general peace of mind.

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